Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Lately I've been drawing alot, I've been feeling very productive and creative, I actually got round to sorting out my room yesturday :3 Below is my favourite, me and my friend Becky.

TOTORO, from the studio ghibli film 'My Neighbour Totoro', one of the most adorable films I've watched. 

I'm not too happy with these too, the faces are abit disproportionate -_-'

This is from my friend's 18th last summer. :)

Yesturday I stuck more pictures on my wall. :D I'm going to stick some more up today when I print off more photos.

Hope everyone had a lovely new year! I went to my Nicole's, it was just Nic, her sister, her sister boyfriend, Liam, Laura, Becky and me. None of us got very drunk despite the fact we had crate loads of spirits :p though i was feeling abit ill and not up for getting trolleyed. We danced around the living room, ate crumpets and doritoes, got tired by 1 and ended up watching Mary Poppins like coolbeans. 8] 
Next week is the start of my exams, I've been revising everyday so hopefully it will pay off! History of Art and Fundamentals of Imaging, excellent times :/ hahaha..


  1. Those drawings are amazing! Wish i could draw like that! x

  2. ahh my neighbour totoro is one of my all time favourite movies! i love your wall - wish i could stick stuff on the wall like that - don't think my husband would like it much! i have got a scrapbook full of pictures like that though. love your pictures! they are great! x

  3. wow,i really like your drawings!and your room as well!

  4. TOTORO! Great job : D