Wednesday, 12 January 2011

obviously doctor, you've never been a thirteen-year-old girl

Today I watched The Virgin Suicides, a film by Sophie Coppola after hearing alot about it over tumblr. It makes me want to read the book again.
I've spent the last few days back at uni revising non-stop, today was my History Of Art exam. I think I did OK... The stuff I had revised most on didn't even come up though which was very annoying.
I still have terribly bad insomnia, I didn't get to sleep till 4 last night. Though my flatmates were being rather noisy and listening to boomboom music very loudly. 
I'm thinking of deleting this blog and either: moving it to tumblr, or: starting a new blog. What do you think? Do you still enjoy reading this? I'd love to hear your opinions. 


  1. I still enjoy reading this! Its one of my favourite blogs to read! Personally i think moving it to tumblr is a bad idea, it just seems so much less personal to me! But a new blog would be okay if you wanted to make a new one! xx

  2. no don't delete your blog or move!
    your posts are the ones i look forward to most! :D

  3. aw, don't delete this blog, i love reading about your thrifty finds!

    ps i have a friend doing exchange in the UK right now and i was thinking of sending her a gift voucher for primark cause i've seen lots of cute things from there on your blog! do you reckon primark's good? like are there many stores around cause i don't want to inconvenience her in going to go use it!

  4. i love this film, and the book! i'm actually writing my english coursework on it at the moment.

    oh, please don't delete this! tumblr is great, but i think blogs are much more lovely to read (:

  5. I have to say that Sophia Coppola is a genius, I love her work! And the Virgin Suicides is one of my favourite movies :)

    ♥, Peppie